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Sterling silver bumble bee necklace Sterling silver bumble bee necklace Sterling silver bumble bee jewellery

Sterling Silver Bumble Bee Jewellery

Bees are one of my favourite things.  They are amazing little creatures, buzzing about the planet and pollinating things in their little stripy, industrious way.  We would be lost without them.  Also, they’re very cute!

Here are my adorable little silver bumble bee charms, necklaces and bracelets.  The original bees were carefully hand carved in wax, then a mould was made and they were cast from eco-friendly solid sterling recycled silver.

The large bees measure just under 24mm between wing tips and 16mm in length and the mini-bees have a 14mm wingspan ane measure 10mm in length.

As each piece is hand made to order, please allow 2 weeks for UK delivery.

Please click on the little pictures below for more information and to purchase.

Silver bumble bee necklace   Silver queen bee necklace   Silver mini bee necklace

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