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Personalised Roller Derby Jewellery

 Custom roller derby silver skate necklace with team colours Sterling silver derby skate necklace with number Roller derby jewellery league colour gemstones

Personalised Roller Derby Necklaces

Why not make your shiny skate or helmet necklace even better by adding your skate number or sparkly gemstones in your league or team colours?

Please click on the little gallery pictures below to see some examples of recent custom orders.

Skate Numbers

Your skate number can be added as a separate charm to your skate or helmet necklace.  It will be hand cut, carved and polished from sterling silver sheet. Please click on the numbers below to purchase.

Coloured Gemstones

Reflect your team and league allegiances by adding semi-precious coloured gemstones to your necklce.

Don’t see your team colour?  Let me know and I’ll see if I can get hold of gemstones in the colour you want, although exact matches may not always be possible.

Please click on the picture below to purchase.