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Maria Tash Liberty tragus piercing diamond star

I was lucky enough to get a very special Christmas present this year. As we’ve had a somewhat trying few months, the boy wanted to treat me to something I’d really love and, as he often complains it’s impossible to buy jewellery for a jeweller, he was delighted when he found out I’d been coveting one of Maria Tash’s beautiful diamond piercings.

Now that Maria Tash has a permanent piercing studio in Liberty, which is one of my very favourite buildings in London, it’s all too easy to pop in and admire the glorious sparkles. The piercing studio is located within the gorgeous jewellery hall at Liberty, but all of the glitter and luxury doesn’t come at the expense of hygiene. Behind the scenes, the piercing rooms are as surgically clean and sterile as any professional piercing establishment. → Read more


Well it’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it? The world has gone bananas and I have no idea what awaits us on the other side.

On a personal level, the past year has been chaotic, stressful and exciting in equal measures. Our lovely wreck of a house has finally had some significant work done on it, which was marvellous, although I would very much not recommend project managing a construction project, starting a new part-time job and dealing with the run up to Christmas order madness all at the same time! I had to turn down a lot of custom orders that I would have liked to do, just because I didn’t have enough hours in the day. → Read more

Cat with Christmas wrapping

After a frantic final couple of days getting all of my Christmas orders out, it’s been lovely just to spend a couple of days chilling out with family, cats and friends. Spangle has been enjoying Christmas present unwrapping: → Read more

Lauren Grace Jewellery shop window

Well, that was a busy year! Usually Christmas sneaks up and surprises me, pouncing from out of nowhere with its little tinselly paws, but this year I was ready for it. Or so I thought…

Having smugly made small batches of my most popular designs, I left myself time to prepare for Christmas, but the volume of orders I got this year was much higher than I’d expected. Which is obviously brilliant! My lovely customers were very organised and a lot of them got their orders in super-early, which was greatly appreciated! → Read more

Silver nice biscuit necklace

I’ve had rather a lot of emails recently asking if I can make a Nice biscuit necklace in silver.  I’ve given them all the same answer, which is that it already exists!  Check out this lovely Nice biscuit necklace by Becca Jewellery on

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some more shiny biscuits of my own.  Watch this space for more custard creams and bourbons…


Every year, I say I shall be organised.  I’ll submit my tax return way before the deadline, I say.

And have I submitted my tax return yet…?  No.  No I have not.  → Read more

Christmas tree cat ragdoll

Well hello there 2015! I am rather pleased to see you.

2014 was stressful and hectic in so many different ways at once. I’m never, ever moving house again!

I am happy to say that I now have a temporary studio space whilst my permanent one is being finished, so the website is back up and running and I can take orders again, hurrah! → Read more

Cats help with accounting 4

Every year I take all the days after Christmas off and don’t start work again until the New Year.  This gives me a nice chunk of time to sort out my accounts for my tax return, as I am woefully unorganised about the whole thing for the rest of the year.

This year the cats decided to assist… → Read more

I have been dithering for over a year now about doing some formal stone setting training. My stone setting is pretty much all self-taught, which mainly means that I set stones in probably the most cack-handed way imaginable!

So, I’ve finally booked myself on a diamond setting course at the Whitney Jewellery School in Brigg in May. Sadly I have to leave to travel there on the same day that the boy returns from 10 days in China, but they were the only dates I could get. My work has implemented an exciting new holiday policy which appears designed to ensure that no-one can actually take any! → Read more

Website capture

Well 2012 disappeared pretty quickly!  I’m amazed how fast the end of the year especially went by.  One minute it was August, and then suddenly December snuck over the horizon, bedecked with tinsel and blowing little glittery raspberries at me. → Read more