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I still love doing these little silver skate numbers! This one was nice to cut out and carve – lots of lovely curves.

The skate necklace was finished with a semi-precious orange citrine gemstone to represent the skater’s roller derby team colour. Sparkly!

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Custom roller derby skate number 21 with green gem

A race against time to get these little skates finished to be transported to Australia. Strange customs rules mean that anything made from precious metals/gemstones cannot be imported into Australia via post, so these winged skates flew on a luxury trip via Scotland to be hand delivered to their recipients! → Read more

Custom roller derby skate charm solid gold

The past couple of weeks I have had the slightly nerve wracking pleasure of making one of my roller derby skate charms in solid gold! → Read more

More roller derby jewellery this week – winged skates flying off everywhere, and these two custom skate number orders. → Read more

Silver custom roller deby skate number necklace

Another custom roller derby skate order, with the skater’s number and gemstones in her team colours. Still love doing these! → Read more

Wolf wax carving jewellery tools

…with exciting new tools! After a brief hiatus doing battle with tax returns (creative people are generally bad at maths!) I’ve been easing myself back into the workshop with some new wax carving tools.

I’ve been really enjoying wax carving with these tools – so much better than my ancient, rusty dental picks I’ve been using for the last few years. You just get into a rhythm of working the tiny carvers through the wax with Netflix on in the background. It’s actually very relaxing! I get through a lot of shows on Netflixin the workshop – after the darkness of binge watching Breaking Bad and Making a Murderer, I’m currently having some light relief with Gossip Girl (don’t judge!) and Better Call Saul. → Read more

I spent a lot of time with my tiny sawblades in the run up to Christmas this year, making custom roller derby necklaces. → Read more

Silver tiny winged crash helmet

I started making the prototypes for some winged roller derby helmets a while ago now, inspired by my winged skate wheels, and I finally found the time to finish them this month.

I made a necklace sized one, the same as my other roller derby helmet charms, but also made a teeny-tiny one. I wasn’t sure it would work, but it cast really well and is just so cute! → Read more

Silver custom roller derby necklace skate number

Well, September turned out to be a super-busy month! In between my part-time job and my jewellery, the boy managed to persuade me to leave London for a wedding on the Isle of Wight and a weekend at a lovely cottage in the New Forest. He’d booked all the tickets/accomodation and sorted everything out, so it wasn’t until I was on the ferry leaving Southampton that I suddenly realised I was actually taking a break for the first time in forever!

In the meantime, I’ve been making some more custom skate necklaces. I never get bored of cutting, carving and polishing the little numbers, it’s strangely therapeutic! → Read more

Sterling silver custom roller derby skate number charm

Another roller derby number charm, this time for a bracelet. → Read more