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Sterling silver baby bee bracelet gemstone

Mostly, I have been busy making bees this week. My silver mini bumblebees have enjoyed a flurry of orders for them recently, and I’ve been turning them into earrings, necklaces and bracelets. → Read more


Our computer has completely died, forcing me to step away from the photo editing. Having a little free time this weekend, I started work on another little design to add to my Rain or Shine collection.

I really enjoy wax carving and I’ve not done any for a while, so I settled on making some little raindrops. → Read more

Wax carving safety pin necklace work in progress

Started on a new project this week involving some more wax carving. I really love my new wax carving tools! → Read more

Sterling silver hammered texture wedding rings

And so my tool-buying spree continues. Ooops. Couldn’t resist this lovely Fretz texturing hammer. Hitting things with hammers is fun… → Read more


I have finally finished the lightning bolts that have been skulking grumpily on my workbench for the past two years! → Read more

So, that $9 piece of plastic I was so excited about? Totally works. Put my Foredom handpiece into it, clamped it in the Benchmate and tada – mini lathe! → Read more

Wolf Tools flex shaft collar

I’ve been on a little bit of a tool buying spree recently. Having finally replaced my ancient, rusting dental tools, I bought some more lovely new things! → Read more


I’d always discounted making videos of my work in progress, as I suspected it was all terribly complicated! However, it turns out you can do timelapse photography videos using just a smartphone and an app. Technology is marvellous, isn’t it?

I thought I’d have a play with it to show the process of cutting, filing and engraving one of my skate numbers. I need to play around with the settings more – two hours of work ended up as a surprisingly short video – but it was really fun to do.

Piercing from Lauren Grace on Vimeo.

I did another one of a roller derby skate in progress, but I think the piercing one with the number works better.

skate 2 from Lauren Grace on Vimeo.

Silver Guerlain Meteorites 2015 star ring

My second obsession, after shiny things of course, is makeup. Since I was a teenager I’ve loved being able to transform my face into something completely different by essentially just doing a bit of colouring in.

As a birthday present from my mum this year, I got these lovely sparkly balls of gorgeousness, the Guerlain Christmas Edition Meteorites. Guerlain bring out a limited edition Meteorites every year, but the 2015 are particularly lovely. → Read more

Silver party ring biscuit work in progress 2

I may have become a little obsessed with tiny biscuits. The latest in my collection of jewellery is a party ring – they remind me of everything that was wonderful about birthday parties when I was a child! → Read more