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18 carat rose gold rain or shine weather lighting bolt weather earr

My mini lightning bolt earrings have been very popular in both sterling silver and 22k gold vermeil finishes, so as an experiment I decided to get a pair plated in rose gold to see how they looked. They’re so pretty! I’d never really thought about rose gold until I had my little rose gold and diamond star pierced at the Liberty Maria Tash studio, but now I want to make all of the things in pink! → Read more

Sterling eco-silver teacup gemstone charm

I recently decided to re-carve my little teacup charm from scratch. I carved my original a good few years ago and, being a wax-carving novice at the time, I made the setting edge too chunky. This meant that setting the little smoky quartz gemstone tea has always been a bit of a mission.

This time I used Wolf gold wax, which you can carve fine detail into beautifully without compromising the strength of the wax. → Read more

Sterling silver custard cream stud earrings

I finally stopped procrastinating and chained myself to the workbench until I finished these little silver custard cream earrings. How cute are they?! → Read more

Sterling silver eco-silver-large-lightning-bolt-earrings

My little sterling silver and gold vermeil lightning bolt earrings have been very popular this year. I’ve now designed a larger version, as well as a heavier large lightning bolt necklace. → Read more

Sterling silver large original custard cream charm necklace handmade i

I have finally found a tiny bit of spare time to photograph the large silver custard cream and bourbon biscuit necklaces I made quite some time ago. → Read more

Sterling silver British weather lighting bolt earrings

Amidst the ongoing chaos of my workbench, I’ve finally found time to photograph the new designs in my sterling silver Rain or Shine collection, which has been inspired by our peculiarly British obsession with the weather, and the classic BBC meteorological symbols of my childhood. → Read more


I have finally finished and photographed my Stargazing collection of sterling silver chunky star jewellery, inspired by the Christmas limited edition Meteorites by Guerlain.

Feel like I might finally be winning the eternal battle of photographing shiny silver on a white background! → Read more


I have finally finished the lightning bolts that have been skulking grumpily on my workbench for the past two years! → Read more

Cloud earrings

I’ve recently returned to my shiny weather to finalise a new silver cloud earring design, and also more designs using my tiny sunshine.

I made these cloud earrings for my mum set with some gorgeous little aquamarines: → Read more

Silver Guerlain Meteorites 2015 star ring

My second obsession, after shiny things of course, is makeup. Since I was a teenager I’ve loved being able to transform my face into something completely different by essentially just doing a bit of colouring in.

As a birthday present from my mum this year, I got these lovely sparkly balls of gorgeousness, the Guerlain Christmas Edition Meteorites. Guerlain bring out a limited edition Meteorites every year, but the 2015 are particularly lovely. → Read more