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Eco 18ct rose gold vermeil hammered hoop earrings

After many, many weeks of hitting things with hammers, my new Ebb and Flow jewellery collection has finally been photographed and uploaded to the website. The collection is inspired by my childhood spent on the beaches of Jersey, exploring the rock pools at low tide with Granddad.  We lost countless hours watching the sun glitter off the pools of water and flashes of colour from the tiny fish under the surface. → Read more

Sterling silver party ring biscuit necklace lifestyle photo

I recently bought a cheap flash gun for my camera as an experiment. I’ve previously resisted using flash lighting, as I assumed the devices were terribly complicated things, not for the technologically challenged! → Read more

Sterling silver British weather lighting bolt earrings

Amidst the ongoing chaos of my workbench, I’ve finally found time to photograph the new designs in my sterling silver Rain or Shine collection, which has been inspired by our peculiarly British obsession with the weather, and the classic BBC meteorological symbols of my childhood. → Read more


I have finally finished and photographed my Stargazing collection of sterling silver chunky star jewellery, inspired by the Christmas limited edition Meteorites by Guerlain.

Feel like I might finally be winning the eternal battle of photographing shiny silver on a white background! → Read more

I’d always discounted making videos of my work in progress, as I suspected it was all terribly complicated! However, it turns out you can do timelapse photography videos using just a smartphone and an app. Technology is marvellous, isn’t it?

I thought I’d have a play with it to show the process of cutting, filing and engraving one of my skate numbers. I need to play around with the settings more – two hours of work ended up as a surprisingly short video – but it was really fun to do.

Piercing from Lauren Grace on Vimeo.

I did another one of a roller derby skate in progress, but I think the piercing one with the number works better.

skate 2 from Lauren Grace on Vimeo.

Sterling silver large iced gem necklace

It’s all been a bit hectic recently, what with preparing for the show and inexpert attempts at carpentry, but I’ve finally finished and photographed my iced gems, hurrah!

Each size gem I hand carved in wax, then sent off for casting. The tiny one made my head hurt to carve (it’s less than 1cm in diameter) but I love how it turned out – so cute! → Read more

I’d been working on some new shiny weather last year, but have only just found the time to photograph it.

I liked the idea of taking the double cloud design from my large raincloud necklace and translating to a smaller version. → Read more

Having recently got a rather bargainous second hand Canon 15-85 lens, I thought I’d have a go at actually leaving my house with the camera. The only thing I know how to take pictures of is jewellery, which just sits there quietly being small and annoyingly reflective. So, I joined a camera club. Actually I joined a while ago, this is just the first time I’ve been brave enough to actually go on a shoot. You have to talk to strangers, it’s scary! → Read more

The question of how to photograph silver on a white background has been troubling me for some time. It seems that a lot of websites, craft fairs etc ask for white background pictures, whereas I’ve always preferred dark. → Read more

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting some costume jewellery on my website for a while now, as I ordered some really gorgeous and great quality crystal pieces at a trade fair last year just for me, but I always get so many compliments when I wear them. → Read more