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Gold antique ring restoration

When I was very little, I inherited a box of jewellery from my paternal Grandmother in Scotland.  I never really knew her, but selling it always just felt wrong.  None of it suits me so I don’t wear it either, which seems like a waste.

Many, many years later, I have finally decided (with Dad’s blessing) to take the stones and gold, and redesign it into something I love and will wear. → Read more

Sterling silver roller derby skate number necklace

My first order after rejoining the world of jewellery work was one for custom roller derby skate numbers.  As they are one of my favourite things to make, this pleased me greatly.

This time it’s a number 13.  I’m actually quite surprised this is the first time I’ve done a 13, as it often seems to be the number everyone wants in roller derby leagues! → Read more


Every year, I say I shall be organised.  I’ll submit my tax return way before the deadline, I say.

And have I submitted my tax return yet…?  No.  No I have not.  → Read more

Sterling silver heart sapphire stacking ring

I made these rather lovely sterling silver heart stacking rings shortly before I moved house.  I really like them and have been wearing them all over Christmas. → Read more

Christmas tree cat ragdoll

Well hello there 2015! I am rather pleased to see you.

2014 was stressful and hectic in so many different ways at once. I’m never, ever moving house again!

I am happy to say that I now have a temporary studio space whilst my permanent one is being finished, so the website is back up and running and I can take orders again, hurrah! → Read more

So, rather excitingly (and not a little scarily) the boy and I have bought a house. This means that I have not been working on much new stuff over the past few months, as said house is a bit of a wreck and has required all of my attention to get it to a habitable state before we moved in.

Also, moving to a new area in London has meant that I’ve had to find a new studio. The one I’m moving into hasn’t quite finished building works yet, but I think I’ve found a temporary studio space until then. I’m going to have a look at it next week, so fingers crossed I’ll be properly up and running again soon…

It was Mum’s birthday recently, so we all went off to afternoon tea at the Ritz, which was amazing! The boy and I have been before, but Mum and Dad have never been.

I also made a necklace for the birthday girl, with lots of beaded chain, a new design of clasp I’ve been working on and some gemstone beads added in. → Read more

Sterling silver custard cream necklace

Another sale of my new sterling silver custard cream necklace today – this design has been very popular!

Lovely customer posted a picture on her Facebook wall, so thought I would share it with you. → Read more

New website screenshot

So, after emerging broken yet triumphant from my last battle with WordPress, it turned out that I had to start again not a year later. Booooo. The company I got my last theme framework from decided to disappear from the face of the earth and no longer provide updates, so gradually bits of my site started to no longer work. → Read more

Silver roller derby skate wheel winged necklace

I started making these little wheels well over a year ago now, but I’ve finally gotten around to getting them moulded, cast and finished.

I really like these – the design is sort of made up of a combination of the many random skate wheels I still appear to be hoarding, even though I hardly ever get time to skate these days, and simplified slightly to allow them to be moulded. → Read more