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Sterling silver custom roller derby skate initial necklace

I’ve recently been making some more silver roller derby jewellery. I do like customising my skate necklaces with numbers and team colours! → Read more

On Saturday I had my first ever stall at a show with the E17 Designers at the Walthamstow Garden Party. Exciting!

As always, I gave myself far too much to do and ended up working frantically all week trying to finish everything.

As I’ve never had a stall before, I had to start from scratch making a display. I may have been a little overambitious about what I could achieve in a short space of time! I ordered some wall shelves, and made wooden supports for them so they could be clamped upright to the table. They were green. How difficult can it be to paint something that is green white I thought? Turns out, quite difficult! Several trips to my lovely local timber merchant and approximately 500 coats of white paint later, this is how it all turned out: → Read more

I may have become a little obsessed with tiny biscuits. The latest in my collection of jewellery is a party ring – they remind me of everything that was wonderful about birthday parties when I was a child! → Read more

silver iced gem charm work in progress

My wax carved iced gem has now been cast in solid silver and is, as I suspected, rather heavy! Whilst I love a nice chunky necklace, I know others prefer their jewellery slightly more delicate, so I have been carving my iced gem some smaller friends. → Read more

More wax carving experiments!  I’ve been expanding my collection of shiny biscuits, this time with a little iced gem.

Working in 3D still makes my head hurt. → Read more

E17 Designers Logo

A couple of months ago now, I was lucky enough to be accepted into my local community designers’ group, E17 Designers.   → Read more

I spent some time this weekend soldering my newly carved and cast cufflink backs onto my silver biscuit cufflinks.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  → Read more

Sterling silver emerald flower necklace

I was contacted by a lovely customer who was after a sunshine pendant similar to my Rain or Shine necklace, and also an emerald set flower necklace.

I made these flowers a while ago now, but I’ve been too busy with shiny things to put them up on the website yet.  Must do that soon!

→ Read more

Sterling silver roller derby skate number necklace

I came across some pictures of some more custom silver skate number necklaces I made a while ago, so thought I’d share them with you.

→ Read more

sterling silver custard cream cufflinks

I started making these at the same time as my little custard cream and bourbon charms, and have finally found the time to finish them.

I carved the basic shape from wax, cast into silver, then etched the design onto the biscuits. → Read more