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Sterling silver roller derby skate number necklace

I came across some pictures of some more custom silver skate number necklaces I made a while ago, so thought I’d share them with you.

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sterling silver custard cream cufflinks

I started making these at the same time as my little custard cream and bourbon charms, and have finally found the time to finish them.

I carved the basic shape from wax, cast into silver, then etched the design onto the biscuits. → Read more

Silver nice biscuit necklace

I’ve had rather a lot of emails recently asking if I can make a Nice biscuit necklace in silver.  I’ve given them all the same answer, which is that it already exists!  Check out this lovely Nice biscuit necklace by Becca Jewellery on

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some more shiny biscuits of my own.  Watch this space for more custard creams and bourbons…

sterling silver custom skate number charm bracelet

The international roller derby community has been keeping me hard at work recently!  A couple of recent custom orders were a silver roller skate necklace with amethyst gemstone to represent the skater’s league colours, and a rather lovely custom skate number charm bracelet. → Read more

I’ve been meaning to make a cufflink back for ages now, so thought I’d return to my wax carving experiments.  I had rather forgotten how messy wax carving is! → Read more

Sterling silver hammered ring wedding band

As it’s Friday, I thought I’d buy myself a little treat.  A dress? Shoes?  No – a hammer of course! → Read more

Sterling silver roller derby necklace mid state sisters of skate

I was recently asked to make a custom necklace of the rather lovely Mid-State Sisters of Skate logo.  More time with tiny sawblades, yay! → Read more

Gold antique ring restoration

When I was very little, I inherited a box of jewellery from my paternal Grandmother in Scotland.  I never really knew her, but selling it always just felt wrong.  None of it suits me so I don’t wear it either, which seems like a waste.

Many, many years later, I have finally decided (with Dad’s blessing) to take the stones and gold, and redesign it into something I love and will wear. → Read more

Sterling silver roller derby skate number necklace

My first order after rejoining the world of jewellery work was one for custom roller derby skate numbers.  As they are one of my favourite things to make, this pleased me greatly.

This time it’s a number 13.  I’m actually quite surprised this is the first time I’ve done a 13, as it often seems to be the number everyone wants in roller derby leagues! → Read more


Every year, I say I shall be organised.  I’ll submit my tax return way before the deadline, I say.

And have I submitted my tax return yet…?  No.  No I have not.  → Read more