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Silver custard cream necklace Lauren Grace Jewellery and Lily Charmed

My lovely little silver custard cream charms have been very popular in 2015, which made me very happy as they are one of my favourite designs!

Rather disappointingly, another jewellery company launched a very similar silver custard cream a few months after I did. As every single piece of jewellery I make is designed and hand carved by me, cast in the UK and finished in my London studio, I am unfortunately unable to compete on price with items that are mass produced overseas. It is therefore cheering that so many of my customers appreciate quality jewellery that is ethically handmade. Thanks for supporting British design and manufacture you wonderful people! → Read more

Well, that was a busy year! Usually Christmas sneaks up and surprises me, pouncing from out of nowhere with its little tinselly paws, but this year I was ready for it. Or so I thought…

Having smugly made small batches of my most popular designs, I left myself time to prepare for Christmas, but the volume of orders I got this year was much higher than I’d expected. Which is obviously brilliant! My lovely customers were very organised and a lot of them got their orders in super-early, which was greatly appreciated! → Read more

Silver Guerlain Meteorites 2015 star ring

My second obsession, after shiny things of course, is makeup. Since I was a teenager I’ve loved being able to transform my face into something completely different by essentially just doing a bit of colouring in.

As a birthday present from my mum this year, I got these lovely sparkly balls of gorgeousness, the Guerlain Christmas Edition Meteorites. Guerlain bring out a limited edition Meteorites every year, but the 2015 are particularly lovely. → Read more

Get your orders in quick – I’m almost out of roller derby jewellery already!


Silver tiny winged crash helmet

I started making the prototypes for some winged roller derby helmets a while ago now, inspired by my winged skate wheels, and I finally found the time to finish them this month.

I made a necklace sized one, the same as my other roller derby helmet charms, but also made a teeny-tiny one. I wasn’t sure it would work, but it cast really well and is just so cute! → Read more

Silver custom roller derby necklace skate number

Well, September turned out to be a super-busy month! In between my part-time job and my jewellery, the boy managed to persuade me to leave London for a wedding on the Isle of Wight and a weekend at a lovely cottage in the New Forest. He’d booked all the tickets/accomodation and sorted everything out, so it wasn’t until I was on the ferry leaving Southampton that I suddenly realised I was actually taking a break for the first time in forever!

In the meantime, I’ve been making some more custom skate necklaces. I never get bored of cutting, carving and polishing the little numbers, it’s strangely therapeutic! → Read more

And so my biscuit obsession continues. It all started so long ago with my little silver custard cream, then escalated somewhat. Now, I’ve made a silver party ring!

Party rings are great aren’t they? They were always the absolute best thing about birthday parties as a child, with their lovely, sugary icing. → Read more

Sterling silver custom roller derby skate number charm

Another roller derby number charm, this time for a bracelet. → Read more

Sterling silver gothic lowercase initial necklace handmade

I recently made some lovely little gothic lowercase initial necklaces for a customer. I may have mentioned before how much I love playing with tiny sawblades, so these were great fun to do! → Read more

Sterling silver large iced gem necklace

It’s all been a bit hectic recently, what with preparing for the show and inexpert attempts at carpentry, but I’ve finally finished and photographed my iced gems, hurrah!

Each size gem I hand carved in wax, then sent off for casting. The tiny one made my head hurt to carve (it’s less than 1cm in diameter) but I love how it turned out – so cute! → Read more