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So, selling at events is quite the learning curve! Whilst I was pretty chuffed with my original display, it was quite heavy to transport and time consuming and awkward to set up, so I’ve made some tweaks…

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Custom London Rollergirls silver necklace

So London Rollergirls has been going for 10 years! I started skating with them near the beginning, and it’s amazing how fast the time has gone. I’ve really been missing skating recently, but shiny things still take up all of my days.

Anyway, I was asked by London Rollergirls to make a custom necklace for the founding member, Bette Noir, to celebrate the anniversary. It was to be based on their iconic punk style logo, which looks like this: → Read more

I’ll be selling my jewellery at the E17 Spring Market this year on 7th May. It’s being held at Mirth, Marvel and Maud which is such a beautiful venue. → Read more

Wax carving safety pin necklace work in progress

Started on a new project this week involving some more wax carving. I really love my new wax carving tools! → Read more

Silver custard cream tea and biscuits necklace

My super-cute little custard cream design has been very popular again this month, together with my other biscuits in the collection.

This little custard cream has been happily paired with my gemstone teacup necklace: → Read more

Silver mens hammered wedding ring

A recent commission led me to making this gorgeous, shiny hammered wedding band. → Read more

Silver custom roller deby skate number necklace

Another custom roller derby skate order, with the skater’s number and gemstones in her team colours. Still love doing these! → Read more

Sterling silver hammered texture wedding rings

And so my tool-buying spree continues. Ooops. Couldn’t resist this lovely Fretz texturing hammer. Hitting things with hammers is fun… → Read more

I have finally finished the lightning bolts that have been skulking grumpily on my workbench for the past two years! → Read more

So, that $9 piece of plastic I was so excited about? Totally works. Put my Foredom handpiece into it, clamped it in the Benchmate and tada – mini lathe! → Read more