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Hammered ethical eco-silver sterling and blue topaz gemstone rin

I recently had a commission to make a matching engagement ring set for a lovely couple. We designed them using the same gorgeous deep blue London topaz gemstones and hammered texture bands made from recycled, ethically sourced sterling silver, but one of the couple preferred a chunkier ring and the other a more delicate band and smaller gem. → Read more

Gold vermeil hammered circle necklace ethical eco silver

I was given a necklace that was a favourite of the its owner and had great sentimental value. It was made from plated base metal and had lost its sparkle. I was asked to make one the same in 22k gold plated sterling silver, but with the addition of a hammered texture. → Read more

Sterling silver eco-silver-large-lightning-bolt-earrings

My little sterling silver and gold vermeil lightning bolt earrings have been very popular this year. I’ve now designed a larger version, as well as a heavier large lightning bolt necklace. → Read more


After over two years of living with our ancient pink bathroom, and having bits of ceiling fall on my head whilst showering, we have finally saved up enough money to join the 21st century!

We knew that buying this house meant a major project for the next 5 years at least, but when we moved in we knew that the bathroom really had to be the first thing.  The only toilet in the house was a tiny post-war outhouse just off the kitchen – without the ancient lean-to surrounding it, we’d have had an actual outside loo! → Read more

Sterling eco-silver hammered ethical wedding bands

Another set of eco-silver hammered wedding rings off to their forever homes today.

I really love making these – I may have mentioned before how much fun hitting stuff with hammers is! → Read more

Sterling silver party ring biscuit necklace lifestyle photo

I recently bought a cheap flash gun for my camera as an experiment. I’ve previously resisted using flash lighting, as I assumed the devices were terribly complicated things, not for the technologically challenged! → Read more

Custom roller derby skate number 21 with green gem

A race against time to get these little skates finished to be transported to Australia. Strange customs rules mean that anything made from precious metals/gemstones cannot be imported into Australia via post, so these winged skates flew on a luxury trip via Scotland to be hand delivered to their recipients! → Read more

Sterling silver large original custard cream charm necklace handmade i

I have finally found a tiny bit of spare time to photograph the large silver custard cream and bourbon biscuit necklaces I made quite some time ago. → Read more

Custom roller derby skate charm solid gold

The past couple of weeks I have had the slightly nerve wracking pleasure of making one of my roller derby skate charms in solid gold! → Read more

Our computer has completely died, forcing me to step away from the photo editing. Having a little free time this weekend, I started work on another little design to add to my Rain or Shine collection.

I really enjoy wax carving and I’ve not done any for a while, so I settled on making some little raindrops. → Read more