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After finally getting the bathroom renovated, our next task for the house wreck was planning the kitchen. Ours hadn’t been touched since some time in the late 1950s, there was no oven, hob or extractor fan, and no matter how many times we cleaned it, it always looked exactly the same! For a germ-phobic person, this was quite distressing.

This was what it looked like when we moved in: → Read more

Sterling silver and rose gold neon art love necklace

My recent necklace based on the wonderful Gods Own Junkyard enter sign also gave me the idea for some more neon art inspired jewellery in sterling silver.

Wax carving tools back out on the bench, I started off carving little slices from the block to make some little wood planks. Have I mentioned how messy wax carving is? The little shavings and dust get absolutely everywhere. My Loki cat attempted to sit on my lap in the middle of carving and instantly covered himself in a layer of wax dust, so I had to brush it all out of his fur. He is now banned from the room when I’m working from home! → Read more

Silver circus light neon sign enter

My epic wax carving project is finished! Inspired by the neon art of God’s Own Junkyard, I wanted to make a jewellery version of their iconic Enter sign.

Starting with a block of wax, I cut a slice off with my tiny sawblades (oh how I wish I had a little bandsaw!) and carved out the centre to leave a frame around the edge. Then I divided the frame up into planks and added wood texture with a pointy wax carving tool. → Read more

Rather excitingly, I now have my first bricks and mortar stockist for my jewellery. A lovely art gallery in Cambridge, The Art Hound Gallery, asked me to supply some of my weather pieces and biscuit jewellery.

Go visit, they have lots of very cool things for your walls, they are lovely people AND they have a rescue greyhound!  I have been trying to persuade the boy to let me get a dog for so long now, and a greyhound is the dog I want most, but I have been told they are not so good with cats. Sad face.

Anyway, I digress.  Lovely art, lovely people, dogs welcome – go visit the gallery!

Sterling silver circus lights initial pendant

My wax carving project is still in progress, but has wound up inspiring a whole new collection of shiny things and a lot more wax carving! I carved these circus style font initials, then cast into recycled sterling silver, and set with sparkly gemstones for the lights.

This is how they started: → Read more

I have a slightly epic wax carving project in my head. I don’t find wax carving easy, but I do find it strangely therapeutic – I think it’s a type of mindfulness just sitting quietly filing bits of wax. Anyway, I’ve not done a personal project for ages, so this is where it starts… → Read more

I loved the rose gold plating on my little lightning bolts so much, I decided to give my silver party ring biscuit necklaces the same treatment. So pretty! → Read more

March meet the maker portrat

Instagram is my favourite social media platform, so when I spotted Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker challenge, I decided to get involved. The idea is that you post a photograph each day of March, following the list of themes Joanne has created.

→ Read more

My mini lightning bolt earrings have been very popular in both sterling silver and 22k gold vermeil finishes, so as an experiment I decided to get a pair plated in rose gold to see how they looked. They’re so pretty! I’d never really thought about rose gold until I had my little rose gold and diamond star pierced at the Liberty Maria Tash studio, but now I want to make all of the things in pink! → Read more

I still love doing these little silver skate numbers! This one was nice to cut out and carve – lots of lovely curves.

The skate necklace was finished with a semi-precious orange citrine gemstone to represent the skater’s roller derby team colour. Sparkly!

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