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A sneaky preview of my latest project… → Read more

I have always struggled somewhat with jewellery photography. Whilst I do have a lightbox, kindly built for me by my lovely former flatmate, it’s not ideal. Nor are my motley collection of spotlights, with their random wattage bulbs, some daylight(ish), some not.

Added to this is the fact that I’ve not a clue what an f-stop is or what it might do, so I usually end up taking around 200 shots to get a couple that are usable after much faffing around with Lightroom. → Read more

I have now finished turning the small pile of weather from my earlier post into actual shiny things, hurrah! → Read more

I am a bit rubbish with plants. Tis a fact. Since moving into the flat at the end of January, I’ve killed three mint plants. Three! Yes, dear readers, I am a mint murderer.

Also, I have watched the depressing demise of two rosemary plants and two basils. To be fair, the second basil was doing really really well, like a smally basily bush, until it was infested by some small and horrid beasties. I really can’t be blamed for beasties, can I? → Read more

Okay, so I haven’t quite been chained to my workbench finishing off my shiny weather, as the small matter of the London Rollergirls season championship bout rather got in the way. I miss roller derby terribly, and it was really lovely to see everyone. Such a close and exciting game! → Read more

Classic BBC weather symbols sketch

Shiny weather! Well, alright, it’s not at all shiny just yet, this is what it comes back from the caster looking like: → Read more

I love cuckoo clocks. I have been coveting one for quite some time and when I saw this lovely walnut timepiece of awesomeness by Diamantini & Domeniconi I knew it must be mine. It’s possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen and therefore perfect! → Read more

This is one of the new, entirely non-roller derby related projects I have been working on over the past couple of months. → Read more

I was having a rummage through my jewellery box before doing a photshoot last weekend and came across some rings I made at college. It appears that my obsession with making things very pointy started a while ago… → Read more

It may appear from my last couple of posts that I’ve not been terribly constructive on the shiny things front. Not so! I’ve been working really hard, honest I have, I’ve just been a bit rubbish recently about blogging work in progress.

I’ve had a few friends ask recently if I’d make them plain roller derby helmet charm, so it can be engraved with skate names and/or numbers, and I’ve finally made one and had it cast. → Read more