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I meant to write about this a couple of weeks ago, but in all the busyness of January, I forgot.

I was contacted by lovely Jayne of the Guild of Jewellery Designers, asking if I would be happy for my silver skate charm that I’ve been working on to be the subject of an article on their website, showing the process from inspiration and design through to the finished piece. Of course, I was indeed happy! → Read more

I must confess, I am having rather a lot of fun with my new bread maker. I am so very rock and roll…

It was with some trepidation that I attempted a granary loaf, having been told they can be a bit hit and miss in bread makers, but look… → Read more

So, that exciting but terrifying project I mentioned? I have, in a fit of madness, signed up for Liberty’s Best of British open call this year. Liberty has always been one of my favourite places in London, as it’s full of beautiful and interesting things and the building itself is incredible. See? → Read more

For many, many years I have been terribly fond of a band called AFI. I made these silver necklaces some time in 2003, inspired by the gorgeous artwork on the cover of their album, Sing the Sorrow (one of my favourite albums of all time). There was a whole collection of symbols and I originally planned to make a necklace for each, but I imagine my short attention span got distracted by some other shiny thing, so only ever got round to making these two. → Read more

So, one of my many random New Year’s resolutions was to blog more. Sadly for you, dear readers, this means that there may be much non-shiny related wittering.

Firstly, I am learning to cook things that aren’t cake. Whilst I remain convinced that a person can cover all necessary food groups with experimental cake recipes, I have yet to convince anyone else. → Read more

It appears that the time to publish my little review of the year has rolled round again. → Read more

Well, that was a bit mental! I ended up frantically making things right up until just before Christmas – eek! Added to which, my job was also frantically busy and my body did it’s usual end of year shutdown, presenting me with an evil cold just when I didn’t have time to get sick. Boooooo.

Had a lovely Christmas with the boy’s lovely family in the snowy South West. I was still pretty ill, so everything was a little bit of a daze, but it was nice to have some enforced rest.

Having just started to feel less ill, remembered we had agreed to hold NYE party. Bum. We are, however, dividing the party with our friends who live round the corner, which will be fun. They are hosting drinks and nibbles, then it’s over to ours for giant buffet. How terribly grown up.

Spent most of yesterday prepping and cooking, so hopefully it will be okay. First ever attempt at proper pastry making about to go in the oven, so fingers crossed…

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, have a lovely New Year.


I have finally finished my silver roller derby skate charm, hurrah!

This was a project I started way back in 2009, as I wanted to do a skate charm that looked like my Riedell 265 skates. → Read more

Another year, another December sneaking quietly up behind me and shouting “Boo! Here I am!” at the top of its little tinsel-festooned voice. → Read more

I think I may have finally made a decision on my endless packaging dilemma. I have been reading about how, as a jeweller, how you present yourself and your brand is super-important, which is something I’ve been giving more thought to as I’ve been messing about with my website. I’ve been looking at some quite nice pink and black boxes, but when it came down to investing in logo printing on them, I just couldn’t quite commit, as I wasn’t 100% happy with them. → Read more