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Silver contemporary angel fish charm with sapphire eyes

I went home last weekend to see my family, do some skating with the newly formed Jersey Royal Rollers roller derby league and go to my godmother’s birthday party.

I’ve been promising her a little fish charm for her sea-themed charm bracelet for so long now, so finally sat down and got the design finished.

Tada! → Read more

Whitney Jewellery School stone setting course 2

I’ve been dithering for ages now about doing a stone setting course.  My stone setting is all self-taught, which means I don’t do it in the most logical or time-efficient manner.  It also usually results in more swearing than is strictly ladylike. → Read more

Custom silver skate number 153

Been doing some more custom roller derby necklaces in the past few weeks – the skate numbers are becoming quite popular! → Read more

I have been dithering for over a year now about doing some formal stone setting training. My stone setting is pretty much all self-taught, which mainly means that I set stones in probably the most cack-handed way imaginable!

So, I’ve finally booked myself on a diamond setting course at the Whitney Jewellery School in Brigg in May. Sadly I have to leave to travel there on the same day that the boy returns from 10 days in China, but they were the only dates I could get. My work has implemented an exciting new holiday policy which appears designed to ensure that no-one can actually take any! → Read more

Custom skate numbers work in progress

On the workbench today are more custom skate numbers: → Read more

Custom roller derby skate number 27

So, I’ve not posted anything for a while, huh?  Trying to keep up with orders and new custom enquiries sadly leaves very little time to write about them!

But anyway, been designing loads of new stuff recently.  I’ve been trying to carve a teeny tiny 5 claw crown collet from wax, so I can give tiny crowns to my mini-bees, but have finally admitted defeat, as I can’t get all the claws aligned and get it perfectly round at such a tiny size. → Read more

Sterling silver mickey mouse disney earrings

I was recently asked to make a single earring for a lovely Disney fan.

As the commission was for a boy, I kept it simple and went with plain silver in the iconic Disney Mickey Mouse head silhouette. → Read more

Silver mini cloud rain stud earrings-2

I’d been working on some new shiny weather last year, but have only just found the time to photograph it.

I liked the idea of taking the double cloud design from my large raincloud necklace and translating to a smaller version. → Read more

Silver custom roller derby skate number

I made another custom skate necklace in between Christmas and New Year, with the skater’s number, 333, on it. → Read more

Website capture

Well 2012 disappeared pretty quickly!  I’m amazed how fast the end of the year especially went by.  One minute it was August, and then suddenly December snuck over the horizon, bedecked with tinsel and blowing little glittery raspberries at me. → Read more