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Silver Jammie Dodger Charm

Having made my little silver tea cup and saucer charm, I got to wondering “hmmm, now what else goes with tea…?”  Obvious answer – biscuits of course! → Read more

Magnetic polisher for jewellery

I have been coveting a magnetic polisher for some time.  I have been hand polishing things through various grades of emery paper, then different radial discs and polishing compound.  Obviously, this takes a really, really long time. → Read more

Actually, it will still be shiny silver weather, just very small shiny weather. → Read more

Silver unicorn horn necklace

I was recently asked by the London Rollergirls to make a necklace and earrings to thank their lovely lineup manager for all her hard work over the years.

It had to represent their team spirit unicorn but without being too whimsical/girly, so we went with a unicorn horn design set with black diamonds. → Read more

Brass roller derby skate charms

I’ve decided to experiment with making some brass versions of my roller derby skate necklace, and get them silver plated. Sterling silver is so expensive to cast heavy pendants out of, and I wanted to be able to offer some less expensive options in my roller derby jewellery collection. → Read more

Silver gemstone tea cup charm

I’ve finally finished my teacups, hurrah!

You may recall I had started some wax carving projects last year, one of which was this little teacup charm. → Read more

Cats help with accounting 4

Every year I take all the days after Christmas off and don’t start work again until the New Year.  This gives me a nice chunk of time to sort out my accounts for my tax return, as I am woefully unorganised about the whole thing for the rest of the year.

This year the cats decided to assist… → Read more

I was commissioned to make a very special necklace by the boy’s family for his lovely mum’s 60th birthday.  No pressure there then!

The idea was to have a ring representing each of the children with their birthstones set into it – two aquamarines for March, a peridot for August and an Emerald for May.  The boy thought it would be nice to also include his mum’s birthstone as well, so we decided to rivet all the rings together with an opal.  I wanted it to have a diamond in to represent 60 years – I know it’s a 60th wedding anniversary that’s supposed to be diamond, but I reckon 60th birthdays should have diamonds too. → Read more

I was asked by a customer if I could make her a gold initial M necklace, like the one Miley Cyrus wears.  I confess, dear readers, that I did have to take to Google to find out who Miley Cyrus actually was.  I am very much not up to date with popular culture it turns out – I mainly listen to Radio 5 and shouty punk music!  In my defence, this was also a couple of weeks before Miley’s now somewhat infamous VMA performance… → Read more