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Silver cloud and sun stacking rings

My (and the rest of Britain’s!) obsession with the weather continues. Some time ago now, I started making some sterling silver cloud stacking rings from my mini weather castings and I’ve finally finished them, hurrah!

Inspired by the classic BBC weather symbols, I have little clouds, with and without gemstones, a little sunshine (which is quite spiky!) and my favourite – a little grumpy thundercloud with black ruthenium plating and diamond. → Read more

Gold plated roller skate necklace

Another custom roller derby skate necklace, this one plated in shiny 22 carat gold and bound for the US. → Read more

Silver custom roller derby skate necklace gemstones

Another order from a rather lovely chap for a customised skate necklace this week.  This one was headed for a member of the Devon Clotted Screamers and had briolette gemstones in the skater’s league colours attached.

→ Read more

Silver sapphire cabochon ring 3

I received a custom order for a simple silver ring with a large sapphire cabochon stone. I’ve been spending so much time with my shiny roller skates recently, it was really nice to do something different. → Read more

Sterling silver biscuit charms

As my shiny little Jammie Dodger turned out so well, I thought I should finally finish the other little biscuits that have been lurking for the past year, all grumpy and abandoned, on my workbench. → Read more

Silver Jammie Dodger Charm

Having made my little silver tea cup and saucer charm, I got to wondering “hmmm, now what else goes with tea…?”  Obvious answer – biscuits of course! → Read more

Magnetic polisher for jewellery

I have been coveting a magnetic polisher for some time.  I have been hand polishing things through various grades of emery paper, then different radial discs and polishing compound.  Obviously, this takes a really, really long time. → Read more

Actually, it will still be shiny silver weather, just very small shiny weather. → Read more

Silver unicorn horn necklace

I was recently asked by the London Rollergirls to make a necklace and earrings to thank their lovely lineup manager for all her hard work over the years.

It had to represent their team spirit unicorn but without being too whimsical/girly, so we went with a unicorn horn design set with black diamonds. → Read more

Brass roller derby skate charms

I’ve decided to experiment with making some brass versions of my roller derby skate necklace, and get them silver plated. Sterling silver is so expensive to cast heavy pendants out of, and I wanted to be able to offer some less expensive options in my roller derby jewellery collection. → Read more