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Silver gothic Miley M necklace

I was asked by a customer if I could make her a gold initial M necklace, like the one Miley Cyrus wears.  I confess, dear readers, that I did have to take to Google to find out who Miley Cyrus actually was.  I am very much not up to date with popular culture it turns out – I mainly listen to Radio 5 and shouty punk music!  In my defence, this was also a couple of weeks before Miley’s now somewhat infamous VMA performance… → Read more

Sterling silver beard necklace

I was recently asked to make a beard necklace from sterling silver.  It’s definitely one of the more unusual custom requests I’ve had, but I really loved the idea. → Read more

Silver custom roller derby skate necklace garnet and citrine gemstones

I am getting better at taking pictures of custom work before I send it off, even if they’re not my best photography work! → Read more

Silver custom jammer helmet necklace

More little skate numbers!

This jammer helmet necklace was customised with the skater’s colours and skate number, 03.  Threes are one of my favourites to cut out.  Not sure why really, there’s just something pleasing about the shape of them… → Read more

Emerald cut rectangular shaped wedding ring

I was recently asked to make a pair of complimentary wedding rings from silver, with a hammered texture.

So far, so right up my street – I love hitting stuff with hammers.  The slightly tricky part was that the bride’s ring had to fit around her engagement ring, which had a large, emerald cut stone.  Having done some googling on shaped wedding rings for emerald cut stones, I drew a bit of a blank, as most wedding rings for this rectangular shape of stone are flat bands that fit under the stone, rather than going around it. → Read more

sterling silver custard cream charm wax carving

I have decided I would like to make tiny little sterling silver biscuits to go with my tiny silver teacup and saucer I’ve been working on.  Everyone loves biscuits right?

To start with, my favourites, a custard cream, a bourbon biscuit and a jammie dodger. → Read more

GRS Benchmate tool-2

I discovered the marvelousness that is the GRS Benchmate system on my diamond setting course and have been coveting one ever since.  Unfortunately they are very much on the expensive side, so didn’t think it was something I’d be able to have any time soon. → Read more

Small sterling silver khanda pendant necklace

I was asked to make a small silver Khanda pendant recently, and here it is. → Read more

You may recall that I was thinking about getting a tiny crown collet made via CAD.

Well, a lovely man, with apparently infinite patience, named Joe is currently doing this for me. He sent me this marvellous little rendered video of what it will look like this week. How clever is that?! I could watch this for hours – it’s hypnotic!

Crown Collet from Lauren Grace on Vimeo.

Silver teacup charm work in progress

As I’ve previously mentioned, I really struggle with 3D things.  I see them in my head, but my poor silly brain can’t cope with translating the thing in my head into a physical form.

So, I’ve set myself a little challenge of making a series of charms using wax carving.  If I don’t practice, I’m never going to get better at it, right?

I’m starting with a tiny teacup and saucer, as it’s a design I’ve wanted to do for a while. → Read more