Bespoke London Rollergirls Logo Necklace

Custom London Rollergirls silver necklace

So London Rollergirls has been going for 10 years! I started skating with them near the beginning, and it’s amazing how fast the time has gone. I’ve really been missing skating recently, but shiny things still take up all of my days.

Anyway, I was asked by London Rollergirls to make a custom necklace for the founding member, Bette Noir, to celebrate the anniversary. It was to be based on their iconic punk style logo, which looks like this:

London Rollergirls Logo

I decided to base the necklace around the Union flag and the safety pin in a design inspired by another icon of punk, Vivienne Westwood.

The necklace started off, like most things I make, with a piece of wax.

I started carving the safety pin first:

Wax carving work in progress

Using my lovely new Wolf wax carvers to shape and carve the wax.

Wax carving custom jewellery work in progress Wax carving safety pin necklace work in progress

Then on to the Union flag, again carved from wax.

Wax carving roller derby logo work in progress

Cast into silver:

Silver custom casting

Then wire soldered to safety pin, and necklace assembled and given a final polish. We also had some laser engraving done on the back of the flag.

Custom London Rollergirls silver necklace

London rollergirls custom logo necklace

A rather nerve-wracking one to make, as it’s always difficult to design for other people when they don’t get to have any input! I was really pleased with the way it turned out though.

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