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Fascinated from a young age with all things that sparkled and glittered, I was always destined to become a jeweller.  I initially discovered metalwork at school, then went on to study at University for the Creative Arts, graduating with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing and also winning a Goldsmiths’ Company precious metals bursary for my designs.

Inspired by childhood memories, architectural detail and decorative pattern, I use traditional jewellery and goldsmithing skills to create jewellery that is quirky and individual, but also elegant and stylish.  Each piece of jewellery is hand made and finished by me in my London studio and never mass produced in a factory, so you can be assured of receiving a unique and high quality piece of jewellery.

I use eco-friendly and recycled precious metals wherever possible, and my casting, chain and gold plating are all supplied by British manufactures.  The gemstones I use come from reputable, ethical sources, so you can be certain your jewellery is conflict-free.

If you would like to find out  a little more about me, and take a look at my work in progress and new collections, you can do so here on my blog.

You can also sign up to my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram for sneak previews of new collections, custom work, and occasional pictures of cats.


Under the UK Hallmarking Act 1973, all articles of precious metals above a certain weight sold on the UK must be tested by the Assay Office and hallmarked.

Lauren Grace Jewellery is registered with the London Assay Office and you can see my personal hallmarks below.

All jewellery will be tested (assayed) and then marked to an internationally recognised standard of fineness, shown in parts per thousand, such as 925 (Sterling Silver) or 375 (9ct Gold). The only exceptions are items which are light and fall under the exemption weight.